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When I Feel

Tadi pagi entah mengapa tiba-tiba hatiku dag-dig-dug tak menentu. Tau nya, kamu sedang duduk diteras sambil memangku laptop. Setelah dua hari kemarin kamu sakit dan sulit tuk ku temui :D. Well, I very happy when I see you. Although you didn’t know my feeling. But I like this moment. Secrectly, I fall in love with you. This is like love in first sight. I’ve been looking at you all sit in the first meeting. After that, I feel that may be I fall in love with you. May I? I know you just stay for a while time in here. But thanks for colorning my life after cloudy.

For you

Ihat Azmi



Hello and welcome in my blog! I'm Ihat Azmi. I like reading, writing, and listening a music. I write everything I feel. I'm a student in Galuh University. Pempek is a my favourite food. You can read my writing here. So enjoy in my blog guys!

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