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Jatuh Cinta, Lagi?

Senin, 25 Mei 2009

Hai diary! Sorry ya kalau aku gak suka nulis, lagi males. Hehee..

Eh.. kenapa ya dari hari-hari kemarin aku ngerasa kayak aku punya perasaan lebih ke Epul. Apa jangan-jangan aku jatuh cinta sama dia? Tapi aku belum siap untuk bilang sama sahabat-sahabat aku. Heumm



Hello and welcome in my blog! I'm Ihat Azmi. I like reading, writing, and listening a music. I write everything I feel. I'm a student in Galuh University. Pempek is a my favourite food. You can read my writing here. So enjoy in my blog guys!

One thought on “Jatuh Cinta, Lagi?

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